Product development



In this context we see product development as a combination of mechanics, electronics and software. Here we offer all relevant aspects. This includes hardware, software, testing/qualification, sourcing and manufacturing preparation. Small series and prototypes we can assemble in house. For series production we have good experience to setup the production in China with our partners.

Summarized we offer:

  • Overal product concept development and planning
  • Mechanical design
  • Electronics design
  • Production planning, preparation
  • Certifications, regulations

Camera development

With our specialization we have significant experience in camera development based on customer demands. In the past we completely deveoped several camera systems or contributed significant parts. As a result and based on our IP and experience we can efficiently handle all aspects of a camera. This hold both for broadcast or computer vision cameras, or a combination of both aspects.

Edge processing and IoT

Due to our long history with embedded computing we can offer highly competitive solutions for edge processing. For communication and remote management we implemented reliable and secure solutions in the past.


We typically plan the electronics and specify it to some detail. The schematics and PCB design we typically source to one of our partners. We also work with design and manufacturing companies in China to provide cost optimized design services.

Mechanical design

We both handle mechanical 3D CAD design in house or colaborate with partners from our network. Here we mainly design housings for electronics and optical designs. Typically we work with CNC milled Aluminium and sheet metal. This is especially usefull for designs which need a good cooling. This is often the case for processing units and AI camera systems with embedded computing.

Production planning and preparation

Considering the aspects of production early in the design phase is very important for successfull and economic production. We have the experience and know how to design for a relyable and cost-effective production. This is valid both for electronics and also for mechanical components.