We offer consulting and design services in the area of hardware and software development.

Our main expertise is the development of ASIC and FPGA firmware. The key competence is the development of algorihm accelerators, especially in the domain of image processing and computer vision.

For ASIC and FPGA design projects we support our customers in all phases of the development cycle. With ASICs we focus on the frontend design and with FPGAs we have deep knowledge of the backend implementation flow.

Using FPGAs we are very experienced with timing closure, constraints, CDCs (Clock-domain-crossing), timing- and IO-constraints.

Design services:

  • Realtime Embedded Vision
  • Image processing, computer vision, pattern recognition, artificial intelligence
  • ASIC/FPGA design and verification
  • GPU development, expecially embedded GPU SoCs
  • Development and optimisation of algorithms, especially for FPGAs and ASICs
  • Computer graphics
  • Digital signal processing
  • Computer architecture, system modeling
  • Embedded systems
  • Hardware/PCB development
  • Embedded Linux, driver development
  • Automotive, Functional safety (for example ISO26262)

System engineering, architecture and algorithm development

  • Project management and planning
  • Requirements engineering
  • Analysis of algorithms and system requirements
  • Development of computing architectures
  • Partitioning of systems into hardware and software, Hardware/Software Co-Design

Embedded vision, image processing and computer vision

We have a long history of successfull projects in the area of computer vision and image processing, especially with applications in realtime capable embedded systems.

In the following you find an overview of our expertise and algorithms we implemented

Realtime image processing and vision (also with FPGAs and custom ASICs)

  • Object recognition
    • Several state of the art algorithms
    • Deep Learning, CNNs, DNNs
  • Scene analysis
    • SLAM, visual odometry, tracking
    • Optical flow
    • Object clustering, motion detection
    • 3D-Reconstruction, Structure-from-Motion
  • Stereo-cameras
    • Preprocessing (Filtering, color conversion, image rectification)
    • Stereo-Matching
    • Camera calibration (mono/stereo)

3D-Reconstruction / Camera calibration

  • Some implemented algorithms:
    • Bundle-Adjustment: closed computation of point clouds and camera parameters from image collections
    • Camera calibration

Medical image processing

  • Implementation of algorithms for near realtime 3D-reconstruction of medical image data from computer tomographs and C-arms on FPGAs
  • Implementation of several algorithms for image preprocessing pipelines