We can reveal our references on request.

Some of our relevant consulting and development activities in the past are listed below:

Driver assistance systems (ADAS)

Project management and technical lead of ASIC/FPGA firmware design for high-end camera based driver assistance systems. The cameras are in production with high volumes (millions) for premium cars. Several computer vision algorithms are implemented in the design for realtime processing achieving highest efficiency.

  • Full responsibility of the development of the FPGA firmware and the design and verification of the algorithmic/signal processing subsystem in an ASIC
  • Development of several computer vision algorithms for realtime processing
  • Definition of the firmware/chip architecture
  • Implementation of a parallel ASIC/FPGA development flow
  • Design flow and development for safety critical application according to ASIL and ISO26262

Mobile phone chipsets

  • ASIC and FPGA development for the LTE modem part (baseband)
  • Implementation of a highly advanced verification environment based on SystemVerilog, OVM/UVM, random constraints, functional coverage
  • Block- and subsystem level verification

Medical image processing

A PCI FPGA-board to process medical image data in realtime was developed and introcuced into series products. For the board algorithms accelerating 3D reconstruction of volume datasets out of image data from different X-Ray systems were implemented. For these algorithms a performance gain of more than 100 was achieved compared to workstations at that time. 

    • Project management and technical leadership of the FPGA (Hardware)- und Software-developers
    • Analysis and implementation of algorithms for 3D reconstruction from image data of Computer-Tomographs (Multi-Slice CT) and Rotation Angiography (C-arm) for realtime processing
    • Development of the architecture of the overall system and the micro-architecture for the FPGAs (Hardware and Software)


Computer Graphics

Development of a Realtime Raytracing ASIC:

  • Development of the processing architecture for a realtime raytracing ASIC.
  • Development of the memory subsystem including block- and system-cache architecture
  • Implementation of the bit-exact and timing-accurate reference model.
  • Quantitative analysis of all major factors and components influencing the system performance
  • Development of several realtime capable algorithms in the area of computer graphics